NOS Base Camp

Single 20’ modified ISO high cube shipping container, with extended front deck and canopy for protected outdoor use. Unit equipped with off grid package option includes small food prep area, toilet and shower combo, and an area for queen sized bed nested above water storage. Battery bank is optional. The entire unit sits on leveling jacks or on a triple axel trailer for ease of mobility. 

Dimensions: 8ft Wide x 20ft Long

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NOS Base Camp Legend

1. Solar thermal panel & hot water tank
2. Modified 20’ ISO HC container unit
3. Leveling jack & concrete footing
4. Tempered glass panel side entry door
5. Tensile light structure for deck support
6. Lightweight metal frame with wood deck
7. Waterproof fabric over steel frame
8. Polyurethane paint over zinc rich primer
9. Optional cedar on deck extension
10. Structural container door element
11. Food prep area with U/C solar fridge
12. Toilet / shower area
13. Queen size bed with storage area above
14. Under bed clothes storage area
15. Eames chair / command central
16. Pirelli rubber or optional porcelain floor

​17. Overhead waterproof canopy
18. Spray foam insulation throughout wall cavity
19. Optional above head storage
20. Sleeping area with optional video monitor
21. Under bed water & battery storage
22. Bench / desk millwork
23. Small itch area with mirrored backsplash
24. Sliding door with deck access
25. Motion sensor for intruder / animal alert
26. Collapsable under deck steel support
27. Honed Granite Countertop
28. Porcelain tile throughout wet room
29. Plywood bed base & hidden storage
30. Plywood desk with laminate top
31. Optional headed floor under porcelain tile
32. Optional reflective waterproof enclosure

NOS Base Camp

Price: $60,000 - $70,000*
*price adjusted based on finishes

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